Disclosure Vinyl
Handmade / Photography

Alternate cover for Disclosure’s electronic album Settle and secondary cover for Settle: The Remixes. Images were created by crafting a handmade kaleidoscope and photographing through it with an iPhone 13. 

Settle is an electronic dance album with overall themes focusing on love, whether it be losing your mind over the one you love, being a fool as a result of love, or the euphoria you feel in love. I wanted the visual experience of these graphics to express this blurred, altered feeling that love can create; Acting and viewing things through a different lens. From here came the idea to hand make a device that really would alter your lens - a kaleidoscope.

Using bright colored beads and photographing the kaleidoscope in movement I aimed to capture these feelings that the album evokes.

Design Key Words: Energetic, Trippy, Euphoric

Visual Direction Moodboard
Original captured images pre-edit