Polyphonic - The Download
Responsive Web Design

Polyphonic is a cutting-edge music platform that specializes in unknown and underground tracks. The design for their annual review was inspired by the edgy and divergent nature of the platform.

Polyphonic is a unique music platform with an audience that loves underground music and wants to have a different sort of listening experience. For their annual report that would be sent out to all of its users to wrap-up the awesome year, I wanted to create a design that was just as unique as Polyphonic. The look and feel of the site attempts to combine a classically “scientific” looking report with elements that are wildly bold and divergent. Stats and info graphics can be tired, but that isn’t Polyphonic’s style. I juxtaposed grid lines and stats with electric colors and large, obscure infographics to boost the energy and engagement with this type of communication.